how we can help

- Developing a new brand or wishing to evolve your current brand? 
- Need to enhance an element of your customer experience? 
- Would you like practical brand implementation solutions for your team? 
- Are you looking to create a brand engagement program? 

We offer a range of brand development services and marketing training programs for organisations and individuals. We support companies in any service industry focused on delivering an amazing customer experience, including hospitality & travel, lifestyle & retail, coworking, destinations, financial services, property, education and also business services organisations.  

We’re practitioners helping you and your team learn to build great brands.  Your brand development need may be one of the following: 

Defining the Brand
        - Brand strategy & positioning
        - Customer profiles
        - Brand story development

Designing the Brand Experience
        - Customer journey mapping
        - Experience ideation sessions
        - Localising the brand

Implementation & Engagement
        - Pilot testing framework
        - Brand training tools 
        - Brand service behaviours and training programmes
        - Internal engagement programmes

Brand Messaging
        - Communications strategy

annual brand partner package

Annual Brand Partner Package 
Would you like to enhance your brand, but have limited team resources? Our Annual Brand Partner Package offers you a flexible brand support service over the course of a year. We work with you and your team on the ongoing development of your brand, completing one brand service of your choice each quarter offering you great value.

Each quarter, you choose the brand service of most value and priority to your business and we become an extension of your team to help you complete this work. Services can be a combination of: 

Customer Centric
Gaining customer insights, designing your experience for a particular customer segment and focusing on employee experiences

Implementation Success
Service training focus areas and practical implementation toolkits 

Team Training
Internal brand training programs for your team to live and breathe your brand

Communication Tools
Programs and training to help your teams know what to say about your brand, and how to have consistency in your brand communication materials

If you have other brand development needs, please let us know and we can provide a tailor made package.

Contact us for detailed package information and pricing, and to discuss your business needs. 


At Brand Journey, we are as passionate about supporting individuals and teams in the development of their skills to be able to develop great brands. We have a range of brand development and practical marketing skills training workshops available (or soon to be available) providing the tools and know-how ready to use back on the job: 

Brand in a Box

Learn what’s important for new service businesses to focus on, in order to go about building a clearly defined and differentiated brand.

Brand Experience Design

Learn customer end-to-end journey mapping, and how to design on-brand experiences for your brand, from ideas to practical implementation.

Marketing skills for Career Growth

Are you an early-career marketer in a service industry, looking to understand where to focus your personal development? Learn about the key skills and competencies to develop to support your career growth, and evaluate your current capability strengths.

Marketing Leadership for Hotel General Managers

For independent hotel GMs, learn how to be both commercially and customer focused in order to maximise revenue by gaining a strong understanding of the key decision drivers across each marketing function.

We are currently running the Marketing Leadership for Hotel General Managers Workshop, developed in partnership with CUBE, across cities in Asia. To learn more and to register, please click here

For more information on any of the workshops, please click here to contact us